Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Our house is officially decorated for Christmas...well on the inside at least:-)

Kitchen Table

(with REAL Live Greenery!)


Our Tree!


Foyer Table (also live greenery!)

Entrance Way

Exiting front door

Front door

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Belle is our wonderful weimaraner, also referred to frequently as "Belle-a-roo" "Bella-a-boo" or simply "The puppy" (even though she doesn't look much like a puppy anymore).

A few of her favorite activities include:

Looking cute, AKA - looking pitiful so you will play with her

Sleeping or curling up at the foot of whatever furniture someone is sitting on

Stealing potatoes out of the pantry to chew on
(seriously? Yep, she waited until I opened the door and walked away for TWO seconds, then snuck in and got this)

Trying to look like a human.  

And while she enjoys the nice comfy bed that we bought for her:

She apparently doesn't like it enough not to chew it apart:


But really she is THE BEST dog.  They say weimaraner are very smart dogs, and it is TRUE.  She listens and obeys commands like "sit", "down" and "go home" (her crate), and has even learned some other useful ones like "Watch out" - meaning "I'm about to pull out the foot of the recliner and it will hit you if you don't move".  She even tells us when she needs to go out by touching her nose to the doorknob.  And We don't dare say the word "eat" around her unless we plan to feed her immediately because she runs to the dog food container.  

Although, I am concerned she may need rehab after I found the evidence of snorting the cedar chips from her chewed-up bedding:

And I do wish I could get her to pose in front of the Christmas tree for a picture:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's Thanksgiving week!

What a wonderful holiday: Family, Food, Football, Christmas decorating the next day.  Yes, I love Thanksgiving.

And I hope that Thanksgiving isn't the only time we "Give Thanks", but we do have a lot of blessings to count right now:

TODAY, marks a year and a half of marriage to my wonderful husband.

Our house has become a home and I can't WAIT to decorate it for Christmas (especially with the new foyer table that my mom just gave us - Thanks Mom! - and it belonged to my grandparents, so it's very special).

Harrison's new job is going well and he really loves it, it seems to be a perfect fit for him and he is thriving!

We love our church family and are enjoying getting to know more people on a deeper level.

There are SO many more blessings I could list, but mostly we are just thankful for everything that God has given us.  His hand is so evident in our lives, all we can do is stand in awe.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Oh, Hello Blog!

How are you?

Yes, I know, I have been away for a while.  So long, in fact, that you have completely disappeared from that home page thingy where it shows me all the websites I have visited recently...or most frequently, I'm not really sure which.

But, I wanted to catch you up on what's been going on with us.

Harrison has been *SO* busy with preparation for his new job.  He spent hours taking a course and studying for the state insurance exam, and guess what. He passed his first try! (WITH flying colors, I might add) Then he had to do a bunch of other training with the company and take tests for that, nothing like feeling like you're back in school.  But he passed all of those too! So Monday was his first official day in the office as a Representative with Northwestern Mutual.  *so proud* :-)

And me, well, I've been very busy being a supportive wife.  Oh and going to work, and hosting Bible study and Community Group at our house, and being a Mary Kay Consultant.

So life is good.

Couldn't ask for anything more.  Well, except maybe a little more time to blog:-)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good News!

*** from TUESDAY that I never actually posted...***

I am so glad I can *finally* write the post I have been wanted to write for months.

Harrison got a NEW JOB!!

He has been interviewing with this company since JUNE (it's a really long interview process...obviously), and we found out a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't been able to write anything about it since he hadn't told his employer yet.

But now he has, and I'm so glad!

He will be a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual.  Yes, it is a TOTAL job change from being a chemist, but he is very ready to get out of the lab and work with people everyday.

And this morning he took the exam to get his insurance license.  He has been studying for about a week and a half, and he passed!

I'm so proud of him for the work he has done at his job over the last year and a half that he has been there.  He has done his job with integrity and he has done well.

And I'm SO proud of him for working through the LONG interview process, getting the job and studying and working so hard to pass the exam.

Can't wait for him to begin this new job and see all of the things that God has planned for us!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recipes to Try

Since I have a freezer full of already prepared food for another 2 or 3 weeks....

And since I have spent all the grocery money for said 2 or 3 weeks...

And since I have absolutely no time in the next 2 weeks to be in the kitchen anyway...

...Of course today would be the day that I sit on the computer finding all kinds of new recipes to try.

Oh well, maybe we'll just call it "Planning Ahead" ha!

But here are some yummy sounding recipes I found that I want to try, and this is probably the best place to keep track of them anyway.  (And if you happen to NOT have a freezer full of food and decide to try one of these recipes before I do, please let me know how it is!)

Foil Packets Tilapia in Crockpot

French Toast Bake in Crockpot

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna 

Pineapple Chicken 

And some that I might still make now since they are meals:

Smookies (s'mores and cookies...need I say more??)

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
(This is not the exact recipe, the one I will use is from my sister in law, but this one is pretty close)
Actually, I think I will make these for Ladies' Bible Study at my house next week...maybe it will feel a little bit like fall....