Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Curvature of the Spine...

So it has been a little bit of a rough week so far.

I am in pain. Literally.

On Sunday I somehow managed to twist my back while looking through some boxes in our spare bedroom.  Throughout the day it bothered me some, but seemed to get better with movement, so I figured it was no big deal, until that night....

Sunday night I apparently aggravated it more and moved in such a way that started great pain in my lower back and down my left leg.  I had a hard time sleeping that night since I couldn't find a position that was comfortable, even for a short time.

So Monday morning, still in pain, I called the I know that some people don't think very much of chiropractors, but I'm a big fan.  I knew that something was wrong and needed to be fixed.

The chiro took some X-rays, did a complete history and checked me from head to toe, then made some adjustments.  That helped and I was able to sleep through the night since the pain was lessened.

But yesterday he actually showed me my X-rays.  Wow.  All I can say is, "Thanks gymnastics".

 Just kidding, but seriously, I grew up as a competitive gymnast and I know that has taken a toll on my body.  Like last summer when I found out I have abnormal joint growth in my wrist...the tumbling caused a problem in my growth plate which made one of my arm bones longer than the other. Weird.

So now I find out that I have lost curvature in my spine.

Translation: A normal spine looks like this:

Sort of an "S"

However, mine sort of

Hmmm....that can't be good.  So add that to a few other injuries I've had over the years (knee, hip, ankle, foot) and that seems to be causing me some problems.

So to sum things up, I will be spending some time with the "chiro" over the next few weeks to get everything back in place and working properly.   They can't fix the curve of my spine, but he is hopeful that we can fix the muscles that are currently causing me pain.

But I am feeling a little better each day, so we're just hoping it will continue until I'm all better!

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of chiropractors... they are WONDER workers! My migranes have been gone for over 3 weeks! YES :)