Monday, November 8, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

We had a great, full, fun, busy, crazy, wonderful weekend!

Saturday we did errands and watched football, bought a month's worth of groceries (who-hoo!), got new tires put on my car, and visited my sisters "Home Shopping Event" (vendors from Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Creative Memories and others were there for Holiday Shopping in one place...pretty cool!).

And Saturday night, I made my very first pot of chili by myself, with a great recipe from Lynn's Recipes on YouTube (it's my sister-in-law's mom, you should check it out!).  It was for our Chili Cook-off  at church Sunday.

So Sunday morning we went to church, and a good part of our extended family was parents and youngest siblings and Isaac and Erin.  After church they set out all the chili, 18 different varieties! The judges sampled them all and made very detailed notes on each taste and quality and prizes were awarded in four categories.  And guess what....

We WON! "Hottest Chili Award".  (Guess that's what the jalepeno peppers and chipotle were for...)

Me with our ribbon and certificate 

Yep, that's our chili!

This was our "Prize"...a fire extinguisher....

After church we had the privilege of taking Isaac and Erin's engagement photos!

These are a sneak peek of our early favorites:

The last one is my favorite! They LOVE to dance and we were really excited to capture some shots of them doing just that!

Thank you Lord, for the blessing of weekends and for the wonderful time with family and friends. 


  1. Your pictures are beautiful!! And now, I am craving chili. :)

  2. congrats on your prize chili!!! :) those are great pics too.