Monday, October 25, 2010

Number One Weekend!

What a great weekend!  We had two photo shoots, visited a new church which we LOVE, celebrated my sister's birthday and Auburn is number one!!

Friday was our five month anniversary! We went out to dinner at Dreamland, it's a Birmingham speciality - best ribs! And as they say "Ain't Nothin' like 'em nowhere"

This is what the ribs actually look like, super messy!

They serve bread with the DELICIOUS sauce

Happy Five Months!
(Yes, we will use any occasion to celebrate)

Remember, "super messy" yeah, so they give you wipes to clean your hands afterwards 
(and your face if necessary)

We started Saturday morning early, we had a bridal shoot with our friend Laura.  Laura and Andrew were married a while back, but Laura didn’t have a bridal session before and we were happy to take care of that this weekend!  It was a great morning and so much fun to see Laura wear her dress again!
Here are three of our favorites, to see more visit our photography blog .

We also spent some time with The Henderson Children around Old Town Helena Saturday.  We took lots of pictures, but here's just one group shot...more on the photography blog

The rest of the afternoon we spent watching Auburn football.  Seriously, SO excited about being ranked number one! War Eagle!

Sunday morning we visited Christ Community Church in Helena and LOVED it! WE had already heard the pastor preach at another church, and we pretty much already felt like that was where God was leading us for a church home, and everything yesterday just confirmed it.  Everyone was so nice and friendly, the sermon was encouraging and convicting and it really just felt like a breathe of fresh air to be there.  We were invited to attend a community group that night which we also really enjoyed - encouragement from the word and fellowship with other believers.

We could not have asked for a better weekend!

Happy Monday everybody!

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  1. Love the pictures. I also miss Dreamland BBQ the most! I love their ribs. Happy 5 months. You have been married as long as we have been in CA. We moved the weekend after your wedding!