Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Thursday

Thursdays are often the longest day of the week.  It's like a pre-Friday, without the benefits of not having to go to work the next day.  But things are always slow in the office and it just has a feeling like the week is almost over.

This Saturday we have TWO photo shoots! Who-hoo! We are doing a bridal at Botanical Gardens and then a family shoot at the waterfall and train tracks in Helena.  Look for those photos on Monday!

And we are really excited about Sunday.  This past Sunday we attended the church we have been visiting, but instead of the pastor, they had a pastor visiting from a recent church plant in Helena (where my parents have been attending).  While he spoke we both felt a strong draw to how he was describing "a missional church" and to the ministry they are doing in the community.  After the service, we went and spoke to him, made the connections of my parents and other mutual friends, and then talked more about ministry and what we are looking for in a church.  I don't think we have felt that encouraged since we had to leave our church in Clanton.  We BOTH walked away from that conversation and immediately said "We need to go to that church".  

After talking more about the church and ministry with my mom, I am even more convinced.  So we will be visiting the church in Helena this coming Sunday and I cannot wait! All Sunday afternoon we both just said we felt so sure about that, and that through that we feel like God is really about to do some big things in our life.

So we are waiting in great anticipation to see His plan.  

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