Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Anniversary!

Wow, I can't believe a year went by so fast! But it's over and gone, and today (Monday) officially begins the second year of our marriage.

To celebrate our first anniversary we took a little vacation.  We both took Thursday and Friday off, on Thursday we enjoyed being at home together and preparing for our trip (i.e. cleaning and packing).

Friday morning we left for the beach! Pensacola to be exact, which is where Harrison was working when we first started dating.  It was fun to see some of the places that he has talked about and where he worked when we met.

We took Belle with us, which was so much fun! She loves riding in the car, but she pretty much sleeps the whole time...she's also still not sure what to think when I try to take her picture...

When we got to the hotel we were treated to an upgraded room and a welcome gift with a "Happy Anniversary" Card!

Our Suite:

Friday night we went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.  We ate at The Fish House and it was SO good! We sat out on the deck and had a beautiful view at dinner.

Saturday we spent some quality time at the beach!!

The water was pretty cold, but it was nice to lay on the sand, read a little, talk a little and just enjoy the day.
Sunday morning before we left we drove back to the beach to get a few pictures:

Happy 1st Anniversary!!

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