Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surprise Weekend!

I think that weekends are pretty awesome in themselves, whether we have plans or just hang around the house, but when we get to go on a trip it’s even better!
Friday we were closing the office early. While I was still at work, Harrison called and told me when I got home I needed to pack a bag because we were going somewhere (he really loves to make these trips a surprise, so he wouldn’t tell me where). 
So I hurried home and packed like a pro, and even managed to finish laundry and run the dishwasher before we left so the house would be nice and clean when we got home from our trip :-)
He finally did have to tell me where we were headed....Memphis!
I was really excited because we have been wanted to go to Memphis and visit the zoo which is awesome...and they have polar bears! 
Harrison took lots and lots and lots of pictures, but these are some of our favorites:

The Sea Lion show was awesome!

During the Giraffe feeding, this Giraffe kept stealing food 
out of the bucket when the trainer wasn't looking.


Ok, so this isn't really the best shot, but this is the view 
from the inside of the polar bear exhibit where you can see them swim!

The best quote of the trip is from when we were watching the polar bear feeding.  You can go to the inside viewing area and watch through the glass where the bears have a HUGE aquarium to swim in.  But on Saturday they were mostly just walking along the edge of the water.  The zoo people were throwing the food in the water in hopes that the bears would show off for everyone by swimming.  But the bears were being a little timid about the water and trying to grab the fish before it got too deep.  The lady in front of us turned to her husband and in complete seriousness said “Well, I guess it is a little chilly.”  
Ha ha ha!!
After the zoo we had some really yummy authentic Memphis barbecue before heading home. 
Such a fun weekend! 

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