Monday, November 22, 2010

Week of Thanks

I am thankful for the relaxing weekend that we had!  For the first time in about a month and a half we didn't have a photo shoot on Saturday (not that we don't love our photo shoots...we LOVE being busy with photography!), and Auburn had an off weekend for football, so we relaxed, did some window shopping and dreamed about being homeowners soon!

I am thankful that we got another counter offer to our counter offer, and then we made another counter offer....ha ha! So we are still negotiating, but it looks like we're getting close!

I am thankful that we finished all of our Thank You Notes!  We are so thankful for all of the gifts we were given for our wedding and what a blessing it has been to our home!

But most of all today I am thankful that we have been married for SIX MONTHS! Half a year! And what a wonderful six months it has been:-)

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