Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday

So everyday this week I have opened a blank document and tried to write something for my blog. And every night Harrison has asked “Did you write on your blog today?” But I’ve been struggling with it because I’m just not sure what to write. Lately we have been working, eating, sometimes working on photography and sleeping....oh and watching seasons of “The Office” on Netflix. So I guess I have felt like like I haven’t really had that much to write about....not because our life is’s not! It’s just that I don’t know that it’s really something you would want to read about.

But today is Thankful Thursday and my challenge to you is to come up with 50 things you are thankful for today. 50?!?! You might be thinking....but I bet you can do it faster than you think, and it can be little things. If you don’t think you can do 50 try sitting down for five minutes and see how many you might be more than 50:-)

Here is mine:

1- My husband

2- My car

3- Chick-fil-a

4- Highlighters

5- Our cookware

6- Frozen dinners

7- Mac Computers

8- Coffee

9- Buy-one-get-one-free deals

10- Photographs

11- Email

12- Cheesecake

13- My job, and my husband’s job

14- Weddings

15- Friends

16- Weekends

17- Text messages

18- Sticky Notes

19- Walmart

20- Freedom

21- Laughter

22- Leaving work early

23- Photography

24- Football

25- Blogging

26- Family

27- Christian Authors

28- Blank Pages

29- Nieces and Nephews

30- Church on Sunday Morning

31- Sweet Tea

32- Clothes to wear

33- Ebay

34- My Bible

35- The lake

36- Wise Mentors

37- Prayer

38-Time...which is so precious

39- Music

40- Holidays

41- Online Shopping

42- Beauty in Nature

43- Organizing Tools and Supplies

44- Wedding Gifts

45- Bookshelves filled with Books

46- Energy

47- Love

48- Babies and Children

49- Chocolate

50- Grace


  1. I agree that it is hard to think of things to write about. I've been trying to think up at least two "themed" days a week to insure posting those couple of days. I'll definitely be working on my 50 things later tonight. Your posts are always great, and I love reading them! Keep it up!

  2. Love that Chick-fil-A is number 3. It'd be up there on my list too. Great post and great blog!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl