Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

So it's time for a blog confession about my grocery planning...

I decided I would be very diligent about meal planning for the rest of the month of August and into September. I carefully crafted a “Food Calendar” with a dinner meal every day (including sides!) and a few options to choose from for breakfast throughout the month. (**SIDE NOTE** I am extremely thankful that my husband likes oatmeal which I can buy and fix very easily in the morning for a whopping 7¢!)

So this week I set out to stick to the plan and follow the calendar for meal planning....well that lasted up until the point where I printed out the calendar. On Monday morning I set out some meat to thaw for dinner. We were going to have blackened chicken, and Harrison was going to cook it when he got home from work.

But he texted me when he got home and asked me if I set out chicken or beef. “Chicken..” I said “isn’t it chicken??”. “Nope,” he replied, “it’s beef”.

No blacked chicken for dinner. I told him his options were tacos or hamburgers. He picked hamburgers and cooked a really great meal before I got home. But that threw us off schedule for the week, since I didn’t want to eat beef two nights in a row.

I checked out the calendar this morning and we have successfully eating NOTHING on the list for this week.

Oh well. I plan to cross them off the list for next week and move on with my life. The calendar is meant to serve us, not us to be slaves to the calendar. It is still helpful because at least I have the ingredients for everything I planned on the calendar. So we can just swap around.

Also, remember last month when I said we were going to eat what we had before buying groceries. I’m proud to present a picture of my freezer!

That’s right, we emptied it!! Of course I have been to the grocery store now and it is now full again, but I loved having the space to start over and filling it with meat and groceries that we can use for a while!

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  1. way to go on emptying the freezer!!! whoohoo! :)