Monday, August 16, 2010

Thai Soup....Do you believe in magic?

So I really didn’t mean to be away from Blogging all last week. Some things we don’t plan.

Last Tuesday I started feeling a little under the weather. I think it had to do with the fact that it is 100 degrees outside....but 65 degrees in our office! So I have ended up with cold symptoms in the middle of August. No fun! It started Tuesday with a sore throat, then Wednesday afternoon, I felt terrible from my throat to my ears to my throbbing head. By Thursday I was nauseous...but we won’t go into details there.

The rest of the weekend I still dealt with a severe sore throat, and really nothing seemed to tea, aleve, juice, gargling salt water, that sore throat spray that numbs you...nothing. But Saturday night, Harrison decided on a new plan of action: Thai food.

Yep, we went to a Thai place and ordered soup....REALLY, REALLY hot and SPICY soup. I was pretty skeptical, and at least convinced Husband to get "hot" instead of "Thai Hot" since the waitress said "ohhhhh, Thai hot burn you tongue". SO I braved up like a good patient and tasted it. It actually tasted pretty good, but I could sure feel it! I would take a few bites and then sit there and feel it in my throat. It was kind of interesting...but I think it worked! I still had a little bit of a sore throat Sunday, but just drinking water made it feel better and it was NOTHING at all like it had been before “The Magic Soup”.

So for everyone’s information, as we head into the season of changing weather, sniffles and sore throats....Thai Soup is the answer!


  1. i have never had thai soup! i will have to try that sometime. glad your feeling better!

  2. Hannah! Ok, about 3 weeks ago I had the same thing but no fever! I woke up at 3am gasping for air feeling like my throat was on fire...I was miserable & I too tried EVERYTHING but nothing helped and I was sick all week long!
    Then on Friday night I made a Hot Toddy (boiling water, lemon juice, honey & whiskey in a warm mug) and slept all night and the next day it was like I was never sick!
    Just another idea that might help those that can't handle spicy food (I'm kind of a wimp) =)