Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Friday!

New Friend Fridays

I will get to my "Friday Favorites" post later, but for now it's time for New Friends!

I'm linking up for New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative and Trendy Treehouse. Please join me!


  1. Came over from Friday Follow! Have a great day!!!!

    Love in Christ - Andrea

  2. I love your post about how God looks at us from the inside--wouldn't it be amazing if as mortals we took the same perspective.
    Happy Belated anniversary to your mom and dad and may every day leading up to that moment for you and Harrison be a Happily Ever After. Following you back Mommy's Memorandum

  3. I'm following you now too!
    I've heard about people using Ranch, I just don't like it so I use Blue Cheese.:-)

    And YAY to another Mrs. A!!

  4. Just dropping by to say Hi from New Friend Friday.... Love the verse from 1 Sam. I've been teaching on that concept with my Wed night kiddos for the last few weeks. It's a verse that we all need to learn to fully grasp.

  5. I found you through New Friend Friday. I saw in one of your other posts that you planned your wedding in ten days. I'm impressed! :-) I would love to hear how you did that. :-) (And I'm subscribing to your blog... :-)