Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is Sew Crazy

So today I had this crazy idea.

I don’t know what took over me. Maybe it’s that I have too much time to think when I sit at the office all day, or maybe it’s that I have had a headache for a few days and I haven’t been thinking clearly.

I’ve been thinking about different projects I could try. Like cooking meals to freeze for later so that Harrison doesn’t have to cook dinner every night (even though he does it and never complains), like writing this blog, and like trying a new cleaning routine around the house. (I mean, because REALLY I need to find something to do with my time...NOT)

So today as I sat there I thought “Wouldn’t it be fun to MAKE a new outfit for myself? I mean I have a sewing machine that is just sitting at mom and dad’s house, I should use it!”

And then I launched into the new phase of my life (in my brain) where I pictured the sewing machine set up in the extra bedroom, me sitting in a comfortable chair with pins and needles between my teeth as I create masterpiece after masterpiece from cloth. As I imagined this perfect world I quickly went forth to look for patterns that I might use (all of which would need to be office appropriate, of course). I found several patterns of dresses, pants, skirts and tops in the $8-$10 dollar range, but I figured I could do better. So I wrote down the numbers of the patterns and made my way over to ebay where they were selling for only $4.99...with shipping!! What a deal!

I bought these two patterns, which each include multiple items with a few options for each (ooooo, ahhhhh).

Needless to say, I was very excited about my purchases. Within about 30 minutes, however, my thoughts went quite the other direction. I started thinking more along the lines of “what am I thinking, I don’t have time for this” and “it’s probably MORE expensive to make clothes than it is to buy them at Ross or TJ Maxx”.

Oh well, I still thought maybe it would be fun just to try a little. Then I talked to my husband on his lunch break and told him about my crazy idea and how I was having second thoughts. His answer: “I have no response to that”.

So now my patterns are on the way. All I have to do it get my sewing machine from my parents’ house, go shopping for fabric, buy “notions” (ribbon, zipper, hook and eye, thread), clean out the extra bedroom and find a few hours to put together an outfit.

Please Hancock Fabrics, have a sale!


  1. does sound like a certain tall blonde roommate had a little bit of influence on ya ;) good luck chickadee and post pictures when it all comes together

  2. I think so too, the influence was a little like 3 years...but for sure!

    I will let you know, although you may be getting a few phone calls to the tune of "what does it mean when it says..."