Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's Thanksgiving week!

What a wonderful holiday: Family, Food, Football, Christmas decorating the next day.  Yes, I love Thanksgiving.

And I hope that Thanksgiving isn't the only time we "Give Thanks", but we do have a lot of blessings to count right now:

TODAY, marks a year and a half of marriage to my wonderful husband.

Our house has become a home and I can't WAIT to decorate it for Christmas (especially with the new foyer table that my mom just gave us - Thanks Mom! - and it belonged to my grandparents, so it's very special).

Harrison's new job is going well and he really loves it, it seems to be a perfect fit for him and he is thriving!

We love our church family and are enjoying getting to know more people on a deeper level.

There are SO many more blessings I could list, but mostly we are just thankful for everything that God has given us.  His hand is so evident in our lives, all we can do is stand in awe.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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