Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good News!

*** from TUESDAY that I never actually posted...***

I am so glad I can *finally* write the post I have been wanted to write for months.

Harrison got a NEW JOB!!

He has been interviewing with this company since JUNE (it's a really long interview process...obviously), and we found out a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't been able to write anything about it since he hadn't told his employer yet.

But now he has, and I'm so glad!

He will be a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual.  Yes, it is a TOTAL job change from being a chemist, but he is very ready to get out of the lab and work with people everyday.

And this morning he took the exam to get his insurance license.  He has been studying for about a week and a half, and he passed!

I'm so proud of him for the work he has done at his job over the last year and a half that he has been there.  He has done his job with integrity and he has done well.

And I'm SO proud of him for working through the LONG interview process, getting the job and studying and working so hard to pass the exam.

Can't wait for him to begin this new job and see all of the things that God has planned for us!

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