Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Oh Well" and Once a Month Cooking Review

OK, so I'm a failure.

But not a TOTAL failure....just somewhat of a failure:

See if you count the crossed out lines and the X's...the crossed out stuff wins by a narrow margin.  So we will just say I had "Some Success".

Oh well. I'm not giving up, just moving on from the daily recording of my failure tasks.

Sooooooo anyway.....

I promised to give some reviews of the recipes from once a month cooking.

My scale is as follows:

1 to 10 with 10 being "YUMMY!" and 1 being "I can't even bring myself to take a bite"

Or just consider it something similar to the "Pain Chart" (Read as 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1):

10 - Awesome! Planning to make some more.  Tasted great and were SO convenient to carry to work.

1 - We are not finishing these.  Harrison ate one right out of the oven and he said it was alright, but once they went into the freezer the texture was terrible.

8 - Harrison definitely liked these and his only complaint was that I only sent him one for lunch.  I'll say it like my grandfather used to - This was good, but I didn't like it.

Haven't tried yet...

7 - Yummy, but sort of hard to reheat in the microwave...the middle would still be frozen while the outside crust was getting hard.

Ummm, haven't tried yet....brought to work, but just doesn't look very appetizing...maybe it's good...

Haven't tried yet.

6 - Not bad, but I'm not sure the recipe was accurate either, there was a lot of pasta with very little veggies.  We added sauce to give it flavor.

10 - These were gone in just a couple of days!

6 - didn't make me have a sad face, but didn't make me smile either.

10 - So good! Veggies and meat and easy to eat (ha! didn't mean to make that rhyme, it's just true).

So overall I would give the meals a 7 (based on a very scientific calculation of the average of the number and a 4 for each meal I haven't wanted to eat  tried yet).  

As for my review of the Once A Month Mom system, I do have a few complaints.  The recipes are set up for one person, and you take the spreadsheet and enter how many people you will be cooking for (in my case: Two) and it calculates the amounts.  However, it doesn't seem to change in the recipe instructions itself, so when a recipe says 4 tablespoons of certain ingredient and the instructions say "use 1 tablespoon" sometimes it really means half (half of 4 would be 2 not 1) so it's confusing.  Also, I'm not sure that all of the calculations for the grocery list transferred correctly, several times I would start with a recipe and realize I had already used ALL of a certain ingredient....confusing and frustrating.

All in all it has been a good experience.  However, if I do it again I think I will pick out the recipes that I think we will actually like (this time I was determined just to cook everything, even if it didn't sound good to me.  Turns out I should have passed on those...).

But I have thoroughly enjoyed not cooking after work and very few dishes! So if you're not as much of a picky eater as I am, you should give this a try!

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