Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just What I've Always Wanted

Well my morning "walk/jog" was short this morning, but I still did it!

Unfortunately, because it was extra short (of course, because I didn't get up in time, I hate this recurring theme...) after I got back to my house I was still trying to run inside the house to get as much cardio as possible.  Well Belle (our dog) tried to get in on it and ran right in front of me.  I tripped over her foot and rolled my ankle.  I'm alright, but it seems to have stretched all the muscles from my ankle to my hip.  So I'm sore and moving slowly.  Hopefully it will feel better quickly, since I don't need an excuse not to run!

The rest of this post is a LONG time overdue.  In fact, according the the information from my camera's card, it's almost two months overdue. I wrote it a while back, but hadn't taken the "after" pictures I needed.  So I didn't post it and I am finally getting back around to it.

But here it is anyway!

We have been talking about paint colors since the day we moved into our house.

But when it comes to paint, we're a lot of talk and not so much action.

About two months ago (ummm, now more like four months ago...) we did go so far as to pick out a paint color that we wanted to try in the kitchen.  But after we picked the color swatch, we waited about 20 minutes at the paint counter for someone to make us a sample and then gave up (I don't really have a lot of patience for places that can't seem find someone to help me when I want to give them money).

So, the thing is my favorite color is red.  I have always wanted a red kitchen.  It took some convincing, but Harrison finally came around to the idea.

So on Friday night (two months ago) Harrison randomly suggested that we paint the kitchen....that night!  So we headed to the store where, miraculously, someone helped us very quickly with our sample of red paint.

We took it home and painted a section of the wall:

I thought it looked pretty good (but really didn't want to stay up all night painting), so Harrison got up early Saturday morning and headed to the store to get enough paint for the rest of the walls, along with some necessary painting supplies.

So this is the kitchen before:

And the kitchen now, in all it's RED glory!

(By the way, taking pictures to show off your kitchen - not easy.)

Happy that it is done and that I finally posted this blog!  Now on to choosing colors for the rest of the house....

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  1. Your kitchen looks awesome!

    Also, bummer about your ankle! I hope you feel better! Good job on the week :D