Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Book Review...on a book that could change your life!

"The House That Cleans Itself"
       I haven't done any book reviews so far on this blog, and I don't really intend to do a whole lot, but I really have to say that this book changed my entire mindset about cleaning house!  My mom got the book and read it and passed it along to me.'re probably thinking, "How can a house clean itself?", well the book is based on a method that makes it so easy to KEEP a house clean.  Mindy Starnes Clark suggests a system of little cleaning chores throughout the day instead of having to scrub from top to bottom all at once (and after it gets really yucky!).

For example, her methods include using many "use and throw away" cleaners, such as anti-bacterial wipes, dusting wipes and glass wipes. I keep containers of these in different cabinets throughout our home so it's easy to grab a wipe  from under the sink and clean the counter after I brush my teeth or wipe down the coffee table as I walk through the room.  

That's just one example of a "clean as you go" system that Clark discusses.  But trust me, it is so much easier to keep a house clean through little actions than to commit hours to scrubbing up messes that have built up!  (And she even talks about teaching these methods to your kids, and I have seen it work with my little brother and sister, hand them a throw away wipe and they will use it!) 

Read it, you will love it!

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  1. Interesting. I am so bad about having to do those all day clean ups!