Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend Update, In Memory of "Panda"

OK, so I am several days late in posting a Weekend Report, but I have a good excuse...sort of...well ok, really it's just that I wanted to add some of our (REALLY GREAT) pictures from the weekend to this post, but we have been so busy I haven't been able to get them off the camera. I finally decided a post without pictures would be better than no post at use your imagination, and hopefully I will add the pictures later...

I love weekends because I get to see Harrison from Friday afternoon until Monday morning!

This past Friday, Harrison came home from work and we hung out and had dinner and then he said....

“Do you want to go out of town this weekend?”

.......“Really?” I said.

“Yep. Go pack your bag”

I was ready in 20 minutes!

We drove to Atlanta Friday and spent the night and went to the Georgia Aquarium Saturday. The aquarium is AWESOME! My favorite animals were the beluga wales (which I could have stood and watched for hours) and the Penguins!

{Here imagine a picture of a BIG, beautiful Beluga Whale}

{Here imagine a picture of really cute little penguins}

{Here imagine a picture of the World's Largest really!}

After the Aquarium we drove to Duluth, GA to see my sister-in-law and to nephews! We haven’t seen them since the wedding and besides that we don’t see them very often because they used to live in California and before that they lived in Japan! (My brother is in the navy) Now they are living in Georgia for a year while my brother is stationed out of the country on assignment. It was so good to see them! And the boys are growing up so fast.

{Here imagine a picture of me with two of the cutest little boys you've ever seen!}

Saturday night we drove back to have dinner with Harrison’s parents and sister. We had a yummy dinner and a good visit.

The sad news is that they told us that night that Harrison’s beloved cat “Panda” is no longer with us. Harrison had Panda for more than 18 years (that’s over 100 in cat years!) and he was a wonderful pet and “Buddy” to him. We have numerous stories about “that crazy cat” who was VERY partial to Harrison and who had picked up some interesting traits in his old age, but we will miss him.


  1. oh sorry to hear about panda! it sounds like a fun road trip! :)

  2. LOVE spontaneous trips! That's sooo fun. I am looking forward to seeing the photos :)

  3. What a fun and spontaneous trip!