Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Update

Wow, I can’t believe it is Monday....again....

But, I must say we had a GREAT weekend!

Friday night after a quick dinner and a little chill time we headed out to Belk, where they were having a “Bridal Completion” weekend, meaning that since we registered there we could get anything in the store for 20% off! So we gathered up our gift cards and store credits (from those duplicate gifts we had already returned) and went shopping.

Now, I’m not really what you would consider a great shopper, I like a deal as much as the next person, but I would rather get in and get out. So we had a sort of list of what we knew we were going to get. One thing we wanted was more of our every day dishes. Once we were at Belk we headed to the china department to pick up a few sets. We already had five sets of Noritake dinner ware which are rimmed in black (ok, ok, “graphite”). But we didn’t see any on the shelf in our style and color. So we wandered over to ask the sales associate and Harrison noticed a shelf with some Noritake dishes...for 75% off!

He called my name and I immediately noticed the dinnerware rimmed in RED. For those of you who don’t know, red is my favorite color, and my favorite color to pair with it is black. However, for my husband’s sake I had tried to stay away from my dear red when we were picking out things for us to share. But my sweet husband brought me to this shelf and said, “Would you like these?”

Of course for 75% an additional 20% of of that! could we pass these up??

This is our new table set with our mix and match Black and Red dishes.

Thank you, Harrison for letting me have these beautiful dishes!

We got some other great finds which we used to cook breakfast on Saturday morning. Here is our new Griddle (which I’ve been DYING to get!) and non-stick pan.

Saturday afternoon we drove to Rome, Georgia to attend the wedding of my long-time friend Leanna. They were married at Berry College and the campus is beautiful! And they have deer EVERYWHERE. There is a sign at the entrance to campus that says something about the deer, but we thought we would see just a few. NO. There were herds of them all over the place.

This picture was taken from the car, and is not zoomed in at all...this is how close they were!
Getting a little dark...

The wedding was so beautiful and special and we were overjoyed to be there!

Sunday we went to church and enjoyed our once a month “Soup Sunday” fellowship with our friends in Clanton. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about, discussing, thinking through, reading for and daydreaming about the photography business. We still have a few things in the works and we are praying that God will provide business and grow this company for us. If you are in the Birmingham area, or know anyone in the Birmingham area, and have any photography needs, please contact us! We are currently booking family portraits, baby pictures, wedding shoots and sports pictures. Mention that you read my blog and we’ll give you 15% off!

Well that’s about it for the weekend update. Today I am working on more photography stuff, planning meals for the week and straightening up the apartment. Happy Monday!


  1. oh red is my fav color too!!! I love the combo of red and black also... they just go so great together.

  2. I love it Hannah!!! There is nothing funner when shopping than getting a GREAT deal on something you REAlly need or Just LOVE!! =)HAve fun at the game...=)

  3. You used the same deer picture twice. lol. I am always very inspired by your blog. I want to keep up with mine more.... maybe after the show is over!